shameless parental bragging II


Meghan Isabel just completed her second semester at Syracuse U and the grades are in:

MAT122: Prob.& Stats for Lib.Arts II: A

PSY335: Psychology of Childhood: A-

PSY274: Social Psychology: A

PHI107: Theories/Knowldge&Reality: A

REL100: Selected Topics: B

GPA: 3.733

CUM GPA: 3.839

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indigo bunting


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house todo . . .


stuff to do

  • clear paths/clean up in prep for furnace/ac install
  • fix and insulate holes in garage ceiling
  • move (?) and setup shop in 1/2 of garage

  • check/catalog paint in the basement; move to other containers where needed
  • paint around new storm door; touch up paint on door
  • paint around new porch lights
  • replace light ficture in back stair
  • replace light swtiches in kitchen
  • grout and paint stone wall in K and DR

  • buy and install new blinds/shades in LR
  • hang new bird feeder
  • clean out SW corner garden
  • buy larger pots/potting soil for indoors and out; repot/move plants
  • plant hostas/bulbs
  • buy/plant herbs

  • buy/plant rhod/azael/hostas
  • clean out/organize shed
  • remove post and rail fence
  • weed all gardens
  • buy Scotts
  • spread Scotts
  • buy deck furniture
  • furniture for front porch?
  • fix rope light where it’s coming loose
  • install additional rope light (?)

  • buy charcoal grill
  • buy wheelbarrow
  • clean up tools
  • move shelves in garage
  • prelim clean out of garage
  • summerize the snowblower (?)
  • paint bedroom; decide on trim/door color
  • roof
  • clean out clothing
  • pump for basement dehumidifier
  • repair low spot in driveway
  • fix/replace timer
  • buy garage refrigerator
  • remove MR window and AC unit; replace

  • buy/install darkening shades etc for MR
  • trace cable and elec lines in basement to clean up
  • electrical issues:

    • map all circuits

    • switch for back stair fixture
    • LR circuits
    • newer AC in MR?
    • upper deck outlet
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