okay, does anybody on the PLANET think it was a good idea for Josh Wright to take a 3-pt shot with 7 seconds to go? I’ll have to check but i’m pretty sure NICHOLS, RAUTINS, and DEVENDORF were on the floor at the time, so that makes WRIGHT the FOURTH best option . . . . This is basketball and there are 5 players on the floor, so FOURTH best option out of . . . 5 . . . is . . . ahhh . . . NOT GOOD!

did Boeheiom call that play? safe guess would be NO. so who did dial it up? i’m guessing that would be Mr. Wright himself. This team came back from a 17 point deficit with 10 min to go and overcame some REALLY bad calls (i really hate taking refuge in blaming the refs, but . . . geez . . . some of those calls . . .) to be within a handful of pts w/7 seconds to go . . . .

So some people will boil this disappointing result down to Boeheim’s T at the end of the first half. or to Nichols going into his shell. or Rautins disappearing. or to the Clemson full court defense. or to jet lag. or . . . . but i will boil it down to Josh Wright being Josh Wright . . . a self-seving, selfish, petulant player.

thanks Eric. thanks Paul. thanks Terrance.

Demetrius and Andy and Mookie, good year but bad time to disappear. You are better than this.

Jim, I love ya. We all love ya. And I get why you gave JW his shot this year. but enough is enough. play yr best players. long season and i’m tired.

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dad, you comin’?


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girl w/car

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