the blog gods have spoken . . .


as you all (he says as if he has an audience) know, i’m a bad blogger; my “reasons” are pretty common; I hear them from lots of other people:

  • my life’s not that interesting
  • i’m just not that diligent (read: compulsive)
  • i’m too busy
  • it’s too much work

Odd thing is that I hear these things from non-bloggers; someone in my office on Tuesday said them, prefaced by “I don’t have a blog because . . .” But I don’t consider myself a non-blogger; I maintain several for work; I keep this one (barely) alive. Neither count for much of course; neither make me a blogger. But . . . .

So, i’m not a non-blogger; i’m a bad blogger. Like a bad (lapsed, recovering, non-practicing, failed) Catholic or a writer who doesn’t write (i’m one of those too). Both bad analogies.

Anyway (yes, he will get to a point), three weeks ago, my email popped up with a notification that I had a commenter on this blog. Even the spam from the poker sites had stopped commenting on this blog, so I was curious. Turns out the comment was from tyratae in response to a post I made on March 10, 2005 (yes, that’s a 5). I noted the oddity of getting a real comment 13 months post-post and Chris said that it had just popped up on her Bloglines as well. Hmmmmm.

So what do I make of this? MT confirms that the original entry was posted in March 2005, so what’s it doing sending out rss notices now? Has it decided to take matters into its own hands? Can the topic of the original entry it chose be a coincidence (afterall, there are so many to choose from, harhar)? Have the blog gods (blogods?) spoken? Or was that just tyratae?

Who am i to ignore the technological equivalent of a burning bush? So i guess I will return to this task for which i seem so poor suited. i’ll give it another shot. i’ll blog. at least a little bit. don’t be surprised that it doesn’t amount to much: links to Apple news stories, small sports rants, pics of the grandson, . . . .

and let’s not get our hopes up: the urge to write this little re-intro hit me on Monday and it’s now Saturday . . . almost didn’t happen at all.

Raining here.

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