on second thought . . .


okay, so we sucked in the first round (i mean, when has an SU team ever played that badly?) and UNC and Washington are still in it . . . would we have done better with a better seed? probably not.

the game was painful to watch; turnovers. lack of aggressiveness. no coaching at all; officiating was awful, ut we can’t even blame the game on that: we just sucked.

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ncaa rant


okay, it’s probably boorish to break the blogging drought with a sports rant, but . . . you don’t really think that will stop me, do ya?

okay how does NC rate a #1 seed when they didn’t even get to their tourney final? sure, they had a good (not great) season, but isn’t the tourney supposed to count for something?

and on that note, how is UConn (22-7) a #2 when they too didn’t even get to their tourney final?

so, we have a #1 and a #2 who have each lost their last game . . . . not to mention #2 Kentucky who at least got to their final before losing . . .

and Washington (27-5) a #1? (sorry, chris!) on the basis of what? a 27-5 season, okay, a tourney title, sure . . . so 27-5 and a tourney title will get you a #1? that seems fair . . . . so Syracuse is 27-6 and won its tourney too, so that should get them a . . . a #4??? I guess that’s because the Pac-10 is so much a tougher bball conference than the Big East . . . no, that can’t be it . . . .

should we be a #1? no, of course not. a #2? nah, probably not. but why not a #3?

more later . . . .

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bad monkey, bad, bad monkey


as madeline’s shaking of me highlights, i’m just a bad blogger. why am i a bad blogger (I ask myself in that same tone you use when you say “i want you to just sit here and think about what you’ve done!”)? is it that i have nothing to say? ha. that i have nothing to say that i can imgine anyone else being intereseted in? maybe. am i just a lazy shit? yeah, probably.

i guess i’m also trying to deal with what it is that i do when i do what i’m doing . . . ya know? what do i hope to accomplish by posting to my blog? is accomplishing something even the point?