had one. last week. better than the alternative.

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Don’t really have anything to say here, but I really hate having that blank page there…….

So, still dealing with the Steeler meltdown on Sunday….don’t really want to talk about it…Feel bad for Big Ben….he DID NOT play well, but you can’t put the defensive failures etc. on his plate…oh, well…. Shouldn’t really feel this bad about a 16-2 season……

I just hope the evil Pats won’t be able to do the same thing to the Eagles…….

what the hell?!?!?!


what the hell is going on in Women’s College Bball?

Tennessee is #7?

Connecticut is #14, with a 7-2 record?

#19 Rutgers beat Tennesee (by 14), #3 Texas, and #1 LSU all within a week?

It used to be you could expect NCAAW to be the most consistent thing in sports, to have no parady whatsoever……

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Meg = licensed driver


Yes, Meghan Isabel passed her driving test yesterday. There is much rejoicing.

My role changes–from primary means of getting to Starbucks to . . . something else–the earth abideth.

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Steelers 15-1


The irony of a season like this–one that we’ve waited for since the 70s–is that any of the possible outcomes–save one–will be a disappointment. i’m trying very hard not to think that way, to just marvel at the whole season, but as the playoffs begin . . . .