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girl w/car

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i did it

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other cars i’d consider….


considering that this is largely a design issue, the only other cars of the type thqat interest me are the Volvo XC90, The VW Toureg, and the Infiniti FX and most if not all are very much out of the price range….anyway there is some thing about Jeep, a brand that only builds one kind of car, doesn’t try to be all things to all people….

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Okay, saw the 2005s ther other day….very cool. Prices have not gone up, but I’m still not sure I can affford a new one. In addition to leaking when it rains, mine is also developing noisy and otherwise problematic door hinges (already had one replaced). Also need brakes and new tires. My one tire was down to 10psi the other day (sposed to he 32+); filled it up and it was down just a little today, so I guess we’re okay for a little wile; till i make up mind what i’m doing about buying . . . also a bunch of road noise….

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2005 jeep grand cherokees


been reading a lot about the upcoming release of the 05jgc; was not looking seriously until recently, but my 98jgc is showing its age in ever more maddening ways; when i have time i’ll lsit them here….

anyway, the official jeep site is