okay, does anybody on the PLANET think it was a good idea for Josh Wright to take a 3-pt shot with 7 seconds to go? I’ll have to check but i’m pretty sure NICHOLS, RAUTINS, and DEVENDORF were on the floor at the time, so that makes WRIGHT the FOURTH best option . . . . This is basketball and there are 5 players on the floor, so FOURTH best option out of . . . 5 . . . is . . . ahhh . . . NOT GOOD!

did Boeheiom call that play? safe guess would be NO. so who did dial it up? i’m guessing that would be Mr. Wright himself. This team came back from a 17 point deficit with 10 min to go and overcame some REALLY bad calls (i really hate taking refuge in blaming the refs, but . . . geez . . . some of those calls . . .) to be within a handful of pts w/7 seconds to go . . . .

So some people will boil this disappointing result down to Boeheim’s T at the end of the first half. or to Nichols going into his shell. or Rautins disappearing. or to the Clemson full court defense. or to jet lag. or . . . . but i will boil it down to Josh Wright being Josh Wright . . . a self-seving, selfish, petulant player.

thanks Eric. thanks Paul. thanks Terrance.

Demetrius and Andy and Mookie, good year but bad time to disappear. You are better than this.

Jim, I love ya. We all love ya. And I get why you gave JW his shot this year. but enough is enough. play yr best players. long season and i’m tired.

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Syracuse over Georgetown, 72-58


I’ve refrained from blogging about BBall this year because . . . well . . . I’m pretty successful at refraining from blogging about everything. Anyway, the other reason is that this is a team that I don’t know what to say about.

But that game last night was amazing. I’m a pretty old-school SU fan so G-town has always been THE rivalry; however, it’s been hard to get up for Georgetown games in recent years because they’ve been pretty pathetic. Connecticut took their place as the evil empire. But the Big East tourney last year suggested a rebirth of the rivalry and then to have them in the top 10, 11 straight wins . . . . I have to admit to sitting here with a little paper cup full of the SU Kool-Aid in front of me.

They’ll probably break my heart by losing to Villanova and/or losing in the first round off the NCAAs to the likes of Vermont . . . . but I’m liking being an SU fan for the moment.

Confession: I was wrong about Andy Rautins; the kid can play.

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The wheels . . . .


The wheels on the Bus go round and round . . . .

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on second thought . . .


okay, so we sucked in the first round (i mean, when has an SU team ever played that badly?) and UNC and Washington are still in it . . . would we have done better with a better seed? probably not.

the game was painful to watch; turnovers. lack of aggressiveness. no coaching at all; officiating was awful, ut we can’t even blame the game on that: we just sucked.

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ncaa rant


okay, it’s probably boorish to break the blogging drought with a sports rant, but . . . you don’t really think that will stop me, do ya?

okay how does NC rate a #1 seed when they didn’t even get to their tourney final? sure, they had a good (not great) season, but isn’t the tourney supposed to count for something?

and on that note, how is UConn (22-7) a #2 when they too didn’t even get to their tourney final?

so, we have a #1 and a #2 who have each lost their last game . . . . not to mention #2 Kentucky who at least got to their final before losing . . .

and Washington (27-5) a #1? (sorry, chris!) on the basis of what? a 27-5 season, okay, a tourney title, sure . . . so 27-5 and a tourney title will get you a #1? that seems fair . . . . so Syracuse is 27-6 and won its tourney too, so that should get them a . . . a #4??? I guess that’s because the Pac-10 is so much a tougher bball conference than the Big East . . . no, that can’t be it . . . .

should we be a #1? no, of course not. a #2? nah, probably not. but why not a #3?

more later . . . .

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Don’t really have anything to say here, but I really hate having that blank page there…….

So, still dealing with the Steeler meltdown on Sunday….don’t really want to talk about it…Feel bad for Big Ben….he DID NOT play well, but you can’t put the defensive failures etc. on his plate…oh, well…. Shouldn’t really feel this bad about a 16-2 season……

I just hope the evil Pats won’t be able to do the same thing to the Eagles…….

what the hell?!?!?!


what the hell is going on in Women’s College Bball?

Tennessee is #7?

Connecticut is #14, with a 7-2 record?

#19 Rutgers beat Tennesee (by 14), #3 Texas, and #1 LSU all within a week?

It used to be you could expect NCAAW to be the most consistent thing in sports, to have no parady whatsoever……

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Steelers 15-1


The irony of a season like this–one that we’ve waited for since the 70s–is that any of the possible outcomes–save one–will be a disappointment. i’m trying very hard not to think that way, to just marvel at the whole season, but as the playoffs begin . . . .

SU Football Coach Fired


It usually does nnot occur to me to mention SU Football here, cuz . . . well, it’s not worth mentioning. But today, new AD, Daryl Gross, fired Coach P. You obviously feel bad for the coach and his family, but it’s about time there is some accountability for the lackluster performance of the football team.



The Steelers are now 14-1…nuff sed.

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bball update


SU Men are now 12-1, ranked 7th in most polls.

I’m curious: has anyone out there seen anything published about the end of the Oklahoma St. game? There was a bizarre little incident at the end: With maybe a second to go, we were down by 12 pts, and Gerry M tossed (in a sort of fatalistic gesture) the ball toward John Lucas, who caught it and did a quick layup, making it a 14 pt loss.

At the time, I thought it was a classless attempt to pad his pathetic numbers for the game, but didn’t think much more about it. Then I noticed Gerry pointing at him and yelling at him when they approached each other in the hand shaking line at the end. Lucas gave one of those “who, me….?” shoulder shrugs….

Anyway, I was thinking we’d hear about the interchange in the (at least local) news, but not a word….

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I haven’t wanted to . . .


I haven’t wanted to mention it cuz i might jinx them but . . . the Steelers are 10-1 . . . .



Coaches vs. Cancer SemiFinal vs. Mississippi State, W 71-58
Coaches vs. Cancer Final vs. Memphis, W 77-62
Siena W 78-56
St. Bonaventure W 91-67

Current ranking: #5

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SU BBall


. . . is underway!

Men’s calendar (provided by your’s truly) is at

Women’s at:

Men’s team plays Memphis tonight in the Coaches vs Cancer final, 9:30 pm ESPN2 (I think); beat Mississippi State last night 71-58.

ESPN/USA Today/AP have us at #6; #5; RPI sez #14.

SU is in 4 of 7 ESPN’s “experts'” Final Four predictions.

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